Get the most from your Desert Queen candle

Desert Queen candles are made with natural ingredients so that means they need a bit of extra TLC. Please keep them out of direct sunlight and trim the wick before lighting each time (especially if it’s over 15mm). Obviously candles are flammable so don’t burn unattended and for more than four hours.

The first burn matters

It’s really important to let your candle burn for a good couple of hours the first time you light it. This is because you need to ensure most of the top of the candle has melted. Go for 75% as a rule of thumb.

What you want to avoid is a situation called tunnelling because you’ll waste a lot of wax and eventually the wick will burn out. There are ways to keep your candle going – but prevention, my friends is always better than cure.

Recycling the jars

Want to reuse your desert queen candle jar? It’s super easy. Put a metal spoon into the glass jar and pour in boiling water to about an inch away from the top. Give the water a little stir, take out the spoon and wait for the water to cool. The wax will melt and then rise to the top. Use a knife to lever it off.